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Urban Outfitters Feel, but a step up!

This place is cool. It has everything from modern furniture to vinyl handbags. Candels for gifts. They were having some good sales the day I went in and most of my stuff was at 50% off. Even more importanly they were SO nice there. I didn't feel stalked or pressured like there bird-dogging me for commision. Random note: There is a great cafe next door that need to try out also.

Pros: Pretty varied selection of home stuff

by choirboy_lap at Citysearch
Love this store.

I can find everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew that I needed.

by LoLo 11/27/2008
Retrofit Home turns furniture on edge

"Modern furniture can be taken way too seriously," Pomeranz said. "It sometimes can be a little sterile instead of being fun."

Not at their new Capitol Hill store. Clean lines are omnipresent, but they're shot through with color. The initial blast at the front door continues inside, where you can buy a green velvet loveseat for $1,550, a white table swirled with color for $625 or a fluffy red lambskin throw for $99.

"There's always a ton of color in everything we do," Pomeranz said.

By Nicole Tsong February 13, 2006 The Seattle Times
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